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Neuroscience of Nutrition

Create 'Sticky'​ Habits Using Four Neuroscience Approaches

Posted By Delia McCabe,
02/01/2020 22:00 PM
With a brand New Year and a new decade upon us, let’s use neuroscience to make our new resolutions become ‘sticky’ habits. But first, let’s dismantle a very pervasive myth. It takes 60+ days to...

Ancient Brain – Modern Stress: How to Switch Off Your Stress Response

Posted By Delia McCabe,
04/11/2019 14:00 PM
This week (November 4-8) is International Stress Awareness Week. We all know that stress has a real and long-reaching effect on both our physical and mental health. Recent population level studies...

Three Practical Neuroscience-Based Ways to Boost Your Mental Health at Work

Posted By Delia McCabe,
17/10/2019 13:00 PM
A growing body of evidence reveals that there is a relationship between nutrition and mood. There is also recent research showing a causative link between specific dietary patterns and symptoms of...