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Mindfulness for Frontline Staff

Mindful Life Training uses Evidence Based Corporate Mindfulness Training (EBCMT). This means the training is:

  • Secular
  • Based on Neuroscience and Organisational Behaviour
  • Based on Emotional Intelligence
  • Based on collective corporate knowledge

Mindfulness Training not only will help reduce stress but will train attention, improve focus, and manage digital distraction. It can help staff personally, psychologically, physiologically and with their relationship to self and others around them.


MLT has created a range of Evidence Based Corporate Mindfulness Modules based on Health, Performance, Communication/Conflict and Change to relieve stress, improve belonging and reduce mental health issues. These can be used as part of an EAC program, Corporate Health and Well Being Program or Professional Development program.

Both pre and post program measurements and assessments of both Stress[1] and Health[2] levels (questionnaires) would be administered and collated for you to understand the impacts and ROI of the program.[3]

Second the intersections of Mindful Resilience and Mental Agility at work include the following disciplines (underpinnings):

  • Brain Training,
  • Resilience,
  • Neuroscience
  • Emotional Intelligence


[1] "Perceived Stress Scale: Measuring the self-perception of stress". 2005.

[2] Kessler, R.C., Barber, C., Beck, A.L., Berglund, P.A., Cleary, P.D., McKenas, D., Pronk, N.P., Simon, G.E., Stang, P.E., Üstün, T.B., Wang, P.S. (2003). The World Health Organization Health and Work Performance Questionnaire (HPQ). Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine 45,(2), 156-174.

Our facilitators are trained in Emotional Intelligence, NLP and Mindfulness and have deep and extensive knowledge in business, organisational influence and change management.