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Connect Teams and Leaders to
evidence-based well-being and
stress reduction,
mental health learning.

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  • Reduce Stress
  • Increase Team Connection
  • Build Engagement
  • Increase Well-Being

Reduce Stress and
Build Mental Well-being

This is an excellent time and opportunity to support your team and leader’s workplace wellbeing/leadership skills in the aftermath of COVID 19 with our corporate wellbeing specialist courses and consultants. We are here to partner with and support your L&D and HR/Wellbeing leaders in the immediate reduction of employee and leaders stress.

MLT’s model of measureable well-being allows us to identify areas of personal professional stress and linked wellbeing goals. Ask us how to link these diagnostic stress/burnout and wellbeing measures to your staff outcomes. These short courses are an ideal opportunity to reduce immediate stressors through easy to understand science/workplace-based training and practice virtually with our expert facilitators.

These courses begin to address some of the immediacy of the tough issues of burnout, stress and overwhelm that have increased significantly during Covid 19. These are a springboard into some of our longer-term Well-Being Programs and Executive Coaching programs to building resilience, mental toughness and adaptability.

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“The majority of Australians are feeling more stressed since the escalation of the COVID-19 pandemic with just over 1 million people feeling a lot more stressed.”

Source: YouGov Impact of Covid 19 on Australians Lives, April 2020, p.24

Increase Team Connection

Loneliness, and a sense of isolation are two significant themes of the Covid work/home pandemic. Firms addressing these issues will retain and engage staff, build strong, cohesive teams and provide the mental health and wellbeing support known to support a mentally wealthy and healthful vibrant thriving organisation.

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“The majority of Australians are feeling lonely and isolated more often since the escalation of the COVID-19 pandemic with almost 3.8 million people feeling lonely and isolated a lot more of the time”

Source: YouGov Impact of Covid 19 on Australians Lives, April 2020, p.25

Build Engagement

Our online courses use an interactive, experiential and self-directed style of learning. Whilst teams can be geographically dispersed, running an online virtual course helps build and maintain team connection and engagement with team members, leaders and work outcomes.

Using exciting, cutting edge well-being evidence-based outcomes from the fields of positive psychology, neuroscience, EI and strengths-based learning, employees can ensure content is relevant, interesting and engaging to their current work/life well-being and integration.

Topics include: Evidence Based Mental Well-Being, Energy Management, Stress and Burnout Prevention, Mindful Leadership, Meditation for Workplaces, Team Resilience, Agility and Rapid Adaption Change Management, Trauma Resources, Workplace Safety Seminars, Strengths based Coaching.

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Our Expert Well-being, Leadership Facilitators

Jen Bishop

Founder MLT, Mindful Leadership

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Steven Howard

Leadership Expert, Coach

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Emma Saccomani

Workplace Mental WellBeing Facilitator

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Tim Altman

Breathing Expert, Coach

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Our Facilitators are experienced corporate experts and practitioners with  cutting edge knowledge of, the research and evidence base in leadership and wellbeing. They are accredited in their relevant disciplines of workplace well-being, mental health, brain health, breathing, mindfulness and leadership. Many are thought leaders, speakers, leadership authors with many years of senior corporate experience.

They are adept at understanding personal/work issues, engendering engagement within groups, building rapport and managing an outstanding online experience for your team.

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