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From a world class athlete (Tim Altman), to sleep, wellbeing and laughter experts, Mindful Life Training have the professionalism and quality of Corporate Mindfulness and Health and Well-Being Presenters and Keynote Speakers for your next speaking engagement.

Jennifer speaks on a range of Mindfulness topics from Physical and Mental/Emotional Health to Resilience, Grit, Compassion and Workplace Emotional Intelligence. All mindfulness presentations are created using Evidence Based Corporate Mindfulness Training principles (EBCMT). This means our presentations/Keynotes are:

  • Secular
  • Based on Neuroscience and Organisational Behaviour
  • Based on Emotional Intelligence
  • Informed by deep business insights and on collective corporate knowledge

This may be for

An introductory Mindfulness/Well Being Session(s) or a Health and Well-Being Series of Speakers

A National/State Exhibition or Conference Keynote

Onsite or offsite Professional Development Training

Awards Nights - Emma Sutherland

Offsite Corporate Retreats