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Mental Health Essentials for Managers

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Course Overview

Duration: 4 x 60 minute sessions across 2 or 4 days or half day workshop

Delivery Mode: Online Virtual Learning Session

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Subject Area:

Health & Wellness / Leadership

Experience Level: intermediate

Course Description

Mental health essentials for the workplace introduces managers to their responsibilities around mental health to enable them to connect with and manage team members who may be experiencing a mental health or wellbeing issue whilst at work, off sick or returning to work.

Based on the latest research[1] we’ll go back to basics to understand what we even mean by ‘mental health’ and the role managers play to create a psychologically safe workplace. We share tools to help managers and their teams look after their wellbeing and build resilience and promote the valuable message of self-care.

We use a framework for safe conversations, and share resources for further learning so participants can build their confidence beyond the learning.


What you’ll learn

  • The business case for creating a mentally healthy workplace
  • Manager responsibilities
  • The foundations of mental health, mental health issues and wellbeing
  • How managers can challenge stigma and facilitate early help-seeking
  • Mental health myths and common mental health issues to overcome stigma
  • How to have safe conversations as a manager

[1] Research includes Black Dog Institute and USW Psychology and Business schools report: Developing a Mentally Healthy workplace: a review of the literature


What’s included

  • Customisable course content based on teams geolocation (ie: WHS state issues)
  • Downloadable pdf with key learnings and resources
  • Access to relevant online resources
  • Four quizzes to test understanding
  • Certificate of Completion


Course facilitator: Emma Saccomani


Course Outline

Session 1:  The foundations for creating a psychologically safe workplace

Session 2: Mental health insights and the role of stress so we can better manage our 24/7 lives

Session 3: Introduction to common mental health conditions

Session 4: A practical framework for safe conversations to support a team member and fulfil manager responsibilities
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