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Creating a Culture of Well-Being at Work:

FEB 20, Melbourne

Feb 28, Sydney

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Join us for a breakfast of Wellbeing with three amazing speakers on Health, Mindfulness and creating a measureble Well-Being Culture. Thrilled to be partnering with Allos and sponsored by WeMov.

➡️  WHEN:

Melbourne, Feb 20, 2020

Sydney, Feb 28, 2020


➡️  WHERE:

Melbourne 7.30am start: 

Equiem, Rialto Tower Collins St, Melbourne

Sydney 7.00 am start:

 The Executive Centre Sydney



➡️ WHO: FOR  CEO's HR, People and Culture, Learning and Development Leaders to:

Create Evidence Based Well-Being and Systemic Cultural Change


    • CEO's
    • Human Resource Managers/Executives
    • Leaders/Managers
    • Health and Well-Being Managers
    • Learning and Development Manager/Officer
    • Director of People & Change Management
    • Workplace Health and Safety Officer/Manager



Create Evidence Based Well-Being and Systemic Cultural Change

1. Introduce evidence based preventative Well-Being programs that reduce expensive HR costs associated with loss of productivity, presenteeism, turnover and mental health costs.

2. Bust the myths and stigma of Mental Health and shift the conversation from Mental Health to Mental Wellbeing

3. Create an outline to build a compelling business case for Wellbeing in your business


We look at the latest research and workplace impacts of:

  • Burnout
  • Stress
  • Mental Health

 How these issues manifest culturally and structurally in the workplace. And how workplace well being programs and culture change programs can be made measurable and investable for the C-suite.










SPEAKER 1 : Jennifer Bishop:

Founder Mindful Life Training B.Bus Mkt., Mindful Leadership Course Creator, Mindfulness Consultant/Facilitator

The Business Case for Mindfulness in Improving Productivity, Presenteeism, and Cultural Positivity















SPEAKER 2: Tim Altman,

Keynote Speaker, Mindful Life Training  B. sc. B (H) Science

Health, Wellness and Breathing (Respiratory) Expert, Australian Paddling Champion

Reducing Anxiety, Depression and Stress Improving Mood (serotonin, dopamine) with Breathing Retraining and Measurement.

(See Tim's Bio Here)







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Past Workshop Attendees Reflect...

"Having attended the mindfulness course by Mindful Life Training it would be an understatement that this was one of the best decisions in my adult life.

Learning about the various roles specific parts of the brain play in our overall well-being and learning ways to meditate to improve how I feel has been a real blessing. Within a short amount of time and effort I have found that I have more clarity, enthusiasm, creativity and overall joy in my daily life ."

I recommend this totally!” Peter O, 2018

“I attended the seminar on how mindfulness can change your brain, led by Jen Bishop. It was an amazing insight into the power people have to proactively improve their lives through meditation and mindfulness practice. I have started implementing some of the techniques that Jen introduced in the workshop and they are already making a difference in my life. It was well worth attending for anyone who leads a stressful and busy life and/or seeks more joy and peace in their lives.”

Joanna T., February 2019

What a BRILLIANT workshop Jen. Thank you for putting this together, it was nothing short of a pleasure to attend. For me, you share knowledge in a perfect cocktail of practical, bite-sized and simple yet broad, scientific and factual. The atmosphere was warm and engaging and I thoroughly enjoyed your guided meditations. Walking away with so much value and easy to action tasks for immediate results I simply couldn't be happier so again, thank you x

Tiffanee C, Dec 2018

Thank you Jen for an informative and excellent mindful meditation workshop today. I've taken away so many useful tools which will have a positive impact on my health and wellbeing. I loved learning about the scientific and factual evidence which supports the benefits of meditation and particularly loved participating in the different meditative practices. I would highly recommend attending your courses & workshops.

Janice C. April 2018


More testimonials coming soon...

More testimonials coming soon...

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