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Mindfulness as a "Superpower"


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Understand and reverse stress

with proven Neuroscience Techniques

This science backed mindfulness and meditation workshop will give you an action plan to change your brain's negative habits into one's generating greater positivity, joy and happiness.

This workshop will give you the tools to:

  1. Understand your mind/body connection in relation to improving sleep, reducing potentially stressful events and identifying the mental triggers that cause your stress.
  2. Understand the neuroscience and identify areas of the brain that can be targeted to reduce the stress response. A Four-hour workshop including mindfulness strategies, meditations, journaling and information on the Neuroscience. Including how your thoughts change your brain, nervous system, cells and genes.
  3. Work with strong emotions, negative self-talk and misinterpreting events to calm your nervous system before stress takes hold.
  4. Create a more balanced mental state by identifying your own negativity biases and learn meditations to turn on the joy, happiness and gratitude areas of the brain.
  5. Learn and practise 5 specific 20-30-minute meditations to change your brain's habitual response.

This workshop was developed based on the work by neuroscientist Dr. Rick Hanson on Meditations specifically created to reduce stress and rewire your brain for happiness, strength and calm. And on the Evidence based research of Dr. Shawn Achor , Martin Selegman and Richie Davidson.



  • A Four Hour workshop including mindfulness strategies, meditations, journalling and information on the Neuroscience. Including how your thoughts change your brain, nervous system, cells and genes

  • A 50 page scientifically researched and sourced course outline.

  • Downloadable audio meditations practised in the workshop

  • Online resources, teachings, apps and podcasts on the "neuroscience of meditation"

  • Access to a private Facebook group for discussion

mindful refelections

Past Workshop Attendees Reflect...

"Having attended the mindfulness course by Mindful Life Training it would be an understatement that this was one of the best decisions in my adult life.

Learning about the various roles specific parts of the brain play in our overall well-being and learning ways to meditate to improve how I feel has been a real blessing. Within a short amount of time and effort I have found that I have more clarity, enthusiasm, creativity and overall joy in my daily life ."

I recommend this totally!” Peter O, 2018

“I attended the seminar on how mindfulness can change your brain, led by Jen Bishop. It was an amazing insight into the power people have to proactively improve their lives through meditation and mindfulness practice. I have started implementing some of the techniques that Jen introduced in the workshop and they are already making a difference in my life. It was well worth attending for anyone who leads a stressful and busy life and/or seeks more joy and peace in their lives.”

Joanna T., February 2019

What a BRILLIANT workshop Jen. Thank you for putting this together, it was nothing short of a pleasure to attend. For me, you share knowledge in a perfect cocktail of practical, bite-sized and simple yet broad, scientific and factual. The atmosphere was warm and engaging and I thoroughly enjoyed your guided meditations. Walking away with so much value and easy to action tasks for immediate results I simply couldn't be happier so again, thank you x

Tiffanee C, Dec 2018

Thank you Jen for an informative and excellent mindful meditation workshop today. I've taken away so many useful tools which will have a positive impact on my health and wellbeing. I loved learning about the scientific and factual evidence which supports the benefits of meditation and particularly loved participating in the different meditative practices. I would highly recommend attending your courses & workshops.

Janice C. April 2018


More testimonials coming soon...

More testimonials coming soon...

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