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Building Mentally Healthy Leaders in the Workplace

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Course Overview

Duration: 4 x 60 minute sessions or half day workshop OR 60 minute bite size

Delivery Mode: Online Virtual Learning Session

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Subject Area: Health & Wellness/ Leadership

Experience Level: intermediate

Course description

With workplace costs in relation to mental health and stress rising Building a mentally healthy workplace for leaders introduces you to both the responsibilities as well as the benefits in addressing this key workplace issue. Based on the latest research[1] Emma will lead you through the basic understanding and definition of ‘mental health’ evidence based best workplace practice.

The course will explore practical and implementable strategies to create a psychologically safe workplace throughout the employee lifecycle. And focus on building an workplace culture that removes mental health stigma.

Emma will introduce the framework for safe conversations to facilitate early help-seeking and how to implement at training strategy to ensure all employees contribute toward building a mentally healthy resilient workplace.

Managers across all areas of the business will benefit from understanding these sensitive and compliance related conversations to protect your staff and your organisation’s wellbeing.


What you’ll learn

  • Evaluating the business case for creating a mentally healthy workplace
  • Mental health essentials
  • The foundations of a psychologically safe workplace
  • Leadership, health and safety and legal safety responsibilities
  • A framework for safe conversations
  • Implementing an effective training strategy to upskill managers with and facilitate early help-seeking


[1] Research includes Black Dog Institute and USW Psychology and Business schools report: Developing a Mentally Healthy workplace: a review of the literature


What’s included

  • Customisable course content based on teams geolocation (ie: WHS state issues)
  • Downloadable pdf with key learnings and resources
  • Access to relevant online resources
  • Four quizzes to test understanding
  • Certificate of Completion

Course facilitator: Emma Saccomani


Course Outline

Session 1: The foundations and business case for a psychologically safe workplace 

Session 2: Understanding mental health and the role of stress to role model as a leader

Session 3: Designing evidence-based strategies throughout the employee lifecycle, including sickness absence

Session 4: How to implement an effective training programme to upskill managers with legal and safety responsibilities and facilitate early help-seeking

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