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Reduce Stress and Manage Anxiety with Scientific Breathwork

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Course Overview

Duration: 4 x 60 minute sessions or Half Day workshop

Delivery Mode: Online Virtual Learning Session

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Subject Area: Health and Well-Being

Experience Level: Foundational

Course Description

Many of our mental and physical health and performance issues at work are affected by incorrect breathing techniques. These faulty breathing techniques can be caused by “physical issues” postural issues (poor workstations) and or high levels of workplace/personal stress and anxiety.

Individuals can develop physically limiting coping strategies such as hunched or raised shoulders. Postural/spinal misalignment and poor immune health due to dysfunctional breathing. Therefore, learning to breathe correctly can play a huge role in helping individuals manage and prevent both short term, or acute stress, and long term or chronic stress and manage anxiety.

In this course Tim Altman, naturopath and world champion paddler and coach teaches the science and art of breathing. How incorrect breathing impacts our health, vitality, mental clarity and performance, and we offer simple, easy to learn practical exercises to get the most of our breathing (and therefore our body and mind), plus some tips for creating a long term practice and benefit from this training.


What You’ll Learn

  • The how, why of breathing, and the practical solutions for our optimising our energy levels, mental clarity, stress management, sleep quality, prevention of illness, and performance via breath training.
  • Unique breathing rhythms designed using biofeedback technology that help to optimise our body and mind, and balance our nervous system and stress response.
  • Extra techniques to learn how to breathe ideally by:
  • Nose breathing only (rather than using the mouth).
  • Breathing using the diaphragm (rather than chest and shoulders).
  • Reducing the rate and volume of our breathing.
  • Improve sleep quality and duration.
  • Improve our response to stress and anxiety.
  • Access deep relaxation, and ‘Zone’ or ‘Flow State’ at work.
  • Long term strategies for building on, and maintaining benefits derived.

What’s Included

  • Downloadable ‘Breathing Dynamics’ and ‘Breathing Retraining’ books.
  • Downloadable videos on practical breathing techniques.
  • Links to an app to help guide your breathing rhythm, and ongoing breathing practice.
  • Access to online resources including blogs and podcast on breath training.
  • A Certificate of Completion

Facilitator: Tim Altman


Course Outline

Week1: The importance of and science of breathing.  Practical breathing exercises for relaxation and reducing stress response.

Week2: The impact of incorrect breathing on our health, vitality and performance. A practical introduction to diaphragmatic breathing to reduce anxiety.

Week 3: The practical solution to incorrect breathing. Introduction to Stage 1 of our unique, biofeedback derived, breathing rhythms.

Week 4: More advanced breathing techniques and rhythms (including the Wim Hof Method) and a guide to ongoing training
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