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Mindful Leadership for Transformational leaders

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A. Full Mindful Leaders Program :8 X 2.5 hour workshops

B. Mindfulness Fundamentals :4 x 60-minute sessions across 4 weeks OR

Delivery Mode: Online Virtual Learning Session via Zoom

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Subject Area: Leadership, Well-Being, Personal development

Experience Level: Foundational/Intermediate

Course Description

  1. The Full Mindful Leaders Program

          (8 Modules)

The Mindful Leadership Program (is a 20 hour evidence based program with 8 modules) It allows leaders to reperceive their environment through a different lens by reframing change in the environment and understanding their internal world including mind, emotions and workplace behaviour.  Its aim is to prepare leaders to build resilient and growth mindsets, nurturing collaborative, innovative teams and igniting creative problem solving.


The coursework based on Neuroscience, Management/Leadership Research, Case Studies and Corporate Insight and the Learning Outcomes are specific to stress reduction, emotional intelligence (EQ), individual and team performance


What you’ll learn

Evidence Based: Pre and Post Testing

The outcomes of the course aim to generate a learning, testing, adaptive culture, reducing conflict, bullying and toxicity and building connection, community and compassion across the business. The program involves Pre and Post  Stress/Burnout and or Wellbeing tests and evaluations.

The full MLP program which can be done in 2.5 days or 5 X half day workshops over 5 to 8 weeks To Learn More about the FULL Mindful Leadership Program, BOOK a 30 minute exploratory call.

Facilitator: Jen Bishop            

What is included

  •  Burnout prevention Checklist
  •   Free Guided Audio Mindfulness Practice Downloads
  •  Mindfulness Building Mental Strength Checklist (attendees)
  •  Copy of The Small Book of Mindfulness
  • Recommended Resources including podcasts and apps, online learning
  • Certificate of Completion


Facilitator: Jen Bishop 


Course Outline

Week1: Mastering Your Own Mind: Creating Focussed Attention/Awareness/ Switching Practice

Week2: Workplace Stress, Performance Impact and Mindful transfromation

Week 3: Understand the difference between mental health, stress and causes of burnout at work

Week 4: Practices to manage and reduce stress at work


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