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Workplace Mindfulness for Teams:  Mindfulness Fundamentals

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Course Overview

Duration: 4 x 60-minute sessions across 4 weeks OR

Delivery Mode: Online Virtual Learning Session via Zoom

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Subject Area: Leadership, Well-Being, Personal development

Experience Level: Foundational/Intermediate

Course Description

Mindfulness Fundamentals can be undertaken by leaders and workplace teams. The first two modules of the Mindful Leader program help individuals learn how to focus their attention, understand their internal world and learn the scientific underpinnings of the stress response.

The MLP Program not only will help reduce stress but will, train attention, improve focus, and manage digital distraction. The two Mindfulness Fundamentals are a great way for all staff to engage in understanding conscious awareness, the neuroscience and evidence behind how mindful leadership works to support leaders through adaptive, agile leadership and teaches them how to respond not react.


What you’ll learn

  • Mastering Your Own Mind: Creating Focussed Attention/Awareness/ Switching Practice
  • The difference between mindfulness and meditation
  •  How brain training is neuroprotective and improves productivity, clarity,   focus
  • Understand the difference between mental health, stress and causes of burnout at work
  • Understand the Neurobiology of stress and how this affects decision making wellbeing, performance and relationships at work
  • Practices to manage and reduce stress at work

What’s Included

  • Mindfulness Building Mental Strength Checklist (attendees)
  • Burnout prevention Checklist (Management Team)
  • Copy of "The Small Book of Mindfulness" . Quick stress reduction practices in a small picture book (CD size)
  • Free Audio Resources Guided Audio meditations/mindfulness practice
  • Recommended Resources including podcasts and apps, online learning
  • Certificate of Completion

Facilitator: Jen Bishop


Course Outline

Session 1: Brain Training, Attention and Multitasking.

Learn how the mind and brain work together. What attention is, how its your most precious resource and how to improve productivity with attention practices.

Session 2: The Neuroscience of Mindfulness at Work. Understanding Default Mode network, attention networks, experience dependant brain neuroplasticity, habit change and multitasking.

Session 3: Understanding optimum stress levels at work. Understanding how stress affects focus and time management. Practices for overcoming stress.

Session 4: Balancing the Autonomic Nervous system. Planning and managing mental energy at work including sleep, exercise, meditation and relationships.

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