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Better Decision Making: Shifting from Mind-full to Mindful

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Course Overview

Duration: 4 x 90 minute sessions across 4 days

Delivery Mode: Online Virtual Learning Session

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Subject Area: Mindful Leadership /WellBeing

Experience Level: Foundational

Course Description

Decision-making is a fundamental component of every leader’s daily life, both professionally and personally. Every day you make dozens, even hundreds, of decisions. Unfortunately, stress and other factors often lead good leaders to make bad, or less-than-optimal, decisions.

The foundation of this program is the importance using best-practice steps to prevent emotional hijacking of your decision-making process, to enable better thinking, better decisions, and better outcomes. The program also provides insights into improving your short-term and long-term brain health.

Steven Howard, a leadership expert and award winning author of 20 books in Leadership will explain the exact strategies published in his book Better Decisions Better Thinking Better Outcomes: How to go from Mind Full to Mindful Leadership.


What you’ll learn

  • How stress leads to poor thinking and bad decisions.
  • How the brain and body communicate during conflict and stress. 
  • How mindfulness can impact thoughts, reactions, and behaviors.
  • How to use mindfulness to make better decisions.
  • How to use mindfulness to reduce unconscious bias in decision making.
  • Develop Mindfulness skills for work or home with practical techniques and tips.
  • The benefits of mindfulness on your attention, memory, people skills, and personal health.
  • A range of methods for improving brain health.

What’s Included

  • Participant’s Guide (Downloadable PDF)
  • Mindfulness State Reference Card 
  • PDF of Better Decisions Better Thinking Better Outcomes: How to go from Mind Full to Mindful Leadership
  • A Certificate of Completion


Course Outline

Session 1:

Learn why and how mindfulness is a leadership skill.  How to take your brain off autopilot whilst harnessing your decision-making brain

Session 2:

How stress impacts the brain, decision making and thinking. Understand the causes of workplace stress and techniques for reducing stress at work

Session 3:

Identify specific techniques for becoming a mindful leader. Understand Mindfulness impact on decision making and benefits of Mindful leadership at work.

Session 4:

Understand key neuroscientific research on brain health. Identify factors impacting long-term brain health, including nutrition, risk and neuroprotective factors.

Facilitator: Steven Howard

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