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Mindful Leadership Training Program

Evidence Based Corporate Mindfulness Training (EBCMT)

Business transformation in an agile and volatile environment needs authentic and inspirational leaders. Unlock your leadership potential to achieve outstanding employee health, laser like cognition, empowering connections and dynamic organisational ROI.

The Mindful Leader Training program uses evidence-based neuroscience and EI to ignite individual insight/awareness for senior leadership and management teams. And builds a resilient and open mindset, nurturing collaborative mental and emotional agility and igniting creative problem solving. It nurtures an understanding of intra-organisational influence and harnesses the power of collective wisdom through mindful leadership.

Years of research into scientific basis of Mindfulness including RCT’s and published Neuroscientific research as well as Case Study research in the likes of Google, SAP and McKinsey have informed the basis of MLT’s Mindful Leader Program.


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MLT Mindful Leader Training Program:

For emerging and senior leaders

  • The program involves 20 hours of face to face training (either a 4-or 8-week program)
  • Eight specific Mindfulness Training Modules
  • Learning Outcomes
  • Online Learning content/resources
  • Virtual Delivery
  • Fully Sourced Workshop Module Content/Training Manual
  • Pre and Post training Stress/Health Measurements


1. Use of real-world training project/organisational problem and presentation

2. Optional coaching services

3. Virtual Delivery options