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Rachael Carter

Executive/Leadership Wellbeing Coach & Consultant (trauma-informed)

Byron Bay, NSW

Rachael brings a specialised trauma-informed wellbeing approach to working with executives and senior leaders in organisations. She has worked extensively with leaders and teams impacted by COVID-19 with consistent results of increased resilience, burnout prevention and skilled adaptation to constantly changing and evolving business dynamics.

Rachael’s broader background is as an executive/leadership coach and senior change consultant in large private and government organisations such as the Department of Health (DoH), Department of Families, Fairness and Housing (DFFH), Dentsu Media Network and New Zealand Post/Australasia subsidiaries.

Her recent corporate coaching work has included being a Senior Career Coach and Principal Consultant for leadership and senior specialist professionals at the Department of Health, Victoria, as they move to new ways of working. Feedback has demonstrated clients have increased levels of energy, lower levels of stress and more resilience to pursue and meet their goals. During 2020, as the department moved into an emergency response environment (with the COVID-19 pandemic), she supported the health and well-being team to provide well-being solutions and coaching to commanders, leaders and staff/outreach nurses on the frontlines.

Rachael also provides trauma psychotherapy and coaching practice with leaders and executives to skilfully support peak performance activation and resilience during highly stressful work situations and crisis. Through the application of neuroscience theory, mindfulness techniques and relational practices she enables leaders to recognise stress/traumatic symptoms, respond effectively and actively prevent stress and re-traumatisation.

She is excited to be part of the MLT Wellbeing team and looks forward to working with future clients to bring sustainable mindful change.

Rachael holds a Bachelor of Arts degree (psychology), is a certified Organisational Coach (Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership), is a qualified psychotherapist (Masters of Gestalt Therapy) and is trained as a trauma specialist/practitioner in Somatic Experiencing - SEP (founded by Peter Levine, Ph. D. degrees in Medical Biophysics and Psychology). She is also trained in Psychological Safety and Vicarious Trauma for organisational wellbeing.


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