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Dr. Delia McCabe PhD.

Neuroscientist, Researcher, Author and Speaker

Dr.Delia McCabe is a researcher, author and speaker and an enthusiastic spokeswoman for enhancing mental wellbeing through specific lifestyle choices. She has a Masters in Psychology and a PhD in nutritional Neuroscience. She is an international and national Keynote speaker, most recently having presented at the Neuroscience for Leaders Summit in Beijing.

Delia's workshops have helped catalyse habit change, reduce stress and improve organisational health for corporates and individuals. Delia’s unique combination of psychological, behavioural change understanding and cutting-edge neuroscience knowledge make her a thought leader in facilitating individual and group change management.

Delia is a regularly sought after media commentator, appearing on radio, TV and in print media with regards to nutrition, brain health and female stress. She writes about nutrition and brain health on her own site Lighter Brighter You and mental health blogs such as   Her most recent video interview on maximising your brain health can be viewed here. Delia is also working on a research project for Australian PTSD veterans  to help reintegrate veterans suffering from the neurological effects of combat.

Her first book “Feed Your Brain: 7 Steps to a Lighter Brighter You!'”, clearly articulates the complex science behind food and the brain, as well as the roles that stress, sex, exercise and sleep play in cognitive wellbeing. Her second book, “Feed Your Brain - the Cookbook”, takes that brain science into your kitchen for delicious, even decadent meals. Delia’s work on brain health empowers you to live a ‘Lighter and Brighter Life’ .

Delia’s presentations separate myth from fact using an evidence-based approach to optimising mental wellbeing through lifestyle choices, with a foundational focus on applying the neuroscience of nutrition. In a world of chronic stress where most people’s brains are struggling to maintain equilibrium and manage overwhelm, Delia’s approach empowers people to take action and her focussed, brain-optimisation topics include:

  • Transform your life and work culture by feeding your brain optimally
  • Managing stress to protect your precious brain for health and performance
  • The Top Five key foods and nutrients that give you a ‘cognitive edge’ 
  • Nourish your neurons with these 6 forgotten life-style choices
  • Mental Health: How to harness the relationship between your gut and brain for peak performance and mental wellbeing

Conscious corporate leaders who care about a preventative and proactive approach to wellbeing will love Delia’s brain-mind-nutrition workshops and presentations. Her commitment and passion for incorporating mindfulness into everyday life, and achieving both performance and well-being outcomes, makes her offering a pivotal fit with those of the other MLT team members. 

Delia can provide either broad, concept-driven presentations or a deeper dive into actioning the concepts in longer presentations or half or full day workshops. Delia is available for keynote presentations, specifically-tailored workshops and other corporate events. 

Her PHD examined the relationship between female stress and specific nutrients. Her recent editorial and published paper in pubmed is a systematic review of the effectiveness of specific nutrients as dietary supplements for managing stress in women.


Delia’s insight into what the brain needs to be fed - and what it’s not getting anymore - explains the energy, weight, fatigue and memory woes that are plaguing the modern brain! Using a unique mix of psychology and neurology, Delia’s genius around the stressed brain, sugar addictions, caffeine cravings and the ever-expanding muffin-top waistline, are unsurpassed! Delia provides hope, answers and solutions! “

Tanya Targett, International online entrepreneur and attendee at ‘Feed Your Brain - 1 Day Workshop’ 

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